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Dr Nuala Dent, Drawing on Experience, will work with and you to understand your experience of work, to surface underlying or unresolved issues, and to create opportunities for ‘change that sticks'. Services are offered in person and online. If you would like to explore opportunities, please reach out to connect. 



Developing leaders

Coaching supports leaders and managers to craft their leadership practice. It is an opportunity to reflect on experience and question assumptions, to make connections and generate insights, to develop tolerance of  uncertainty, and to strengthen capacity to lead and influence.

My coaching sessions with Nuala have provided a scaffolded approach to discovering the systems / processes at play, and new ways to think about group dynamics in a considered and nuanced manner.  

This has allowed me to adopt a much more ‘de-personalised’ and macro-systems approach and reconceptualise the narrative in my workspace. As a result, I am able to deliver a more agile approach to managing both current and legacy ‘hotspots’, while  generating creative solutions to support client service delivery.  

- Senior Manager, Public Service


Developing teams

Organisational or team culture issues can be difficult to shift. Nuala brings a deep knowledge of group dynamics and an action learning approach to support clients to reflect on their experience, identify what is working/not working, and make meaningful changes to support their work.

Great session with an excellent facilitator.

Nuala worked as a guide and supported conversations that were important.

Nuala was prepared to facilitate in a way that supported the group, not just the planned agenda.

The day went incredibly quickly. The experiential activities were powerful.

Nuala linked things to our work in a way that showed insight and was very apt (hard for those on the “outside” to do).

- Project Team, Government Agency


Developing practitioners

Professional supervision offers coaches and change practitioners the opportunity to reflect on their work and to develop their knowledge and skills in organisation dynamics. Supervision promotes self-awareness, development and growth within the context of the practitioner's professional environment.

Nuala’s approach to our work was highly professional, empathetic and supportive. It was a very safe space to discuss difficult matters .. and there was both humour and sage advice to draw on… I looked forward to sharing my reflections and feeling ‘held-in-mind’, and the work has helped me feel more able to see the dynamics and not be as caught up in them. Time very well spent! I genuinely commend Nuala to you”

– Senior Manager, Health Sector


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