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These videos conversations between Nuala Dent and Andrea Foot discuss hybrid work teams

In conversation with Dr Nuala Dent 5
Collaborating in a virtual world - the affect on teams / Part 1
Collaborating in a virtual world - the affect on teams / Part 2
Thinking about Virtual Teams: The Reality - Part 2
Thinking about Virtual Teams: The Reality - Part 1


Dent, N. (2019) 'A reflexive account: Group consultation via video conference' in H Weinberg & A Rolnik (eds), Internet-Delivered Therapy and Consultancy for Groups, Families and Organisations, Routledge​

Dent, N (2018) A fractured landscape: a systems psychodynamic investigation into the experience of a partially distributed team of therapists in an Australian child protection system,

PhD thesis, La Trobe University​

Dent, N. de Gooijer, J. et al. (2016) 'Crossing Borders: A Slow Walk'. Socioanalysis, Volume 18, Special Issue on Seeking Asylum​

Dent, N. (2013) 'Towards Reflexivity: Online and 'in-the-room'. Socioanlaysis, Volume 15, Victoria Australia​

Dent, N. (2010) 'Integrating face-to-face and virtual in the study of group relations'. Masters research thesis, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

Pile Of Books


2022     The use of an art-based method to explore unconscious dynamics, AOMO 2022: Art as Activism, Liverpool, UK

2020      Transforming the Experience of Covid-19, with Dr Susan Long, ODA, online​

2020      The use of reflective practice to support frontline staff, with Dr Susan Long, VRGF, online​

2019      Systems psychodynamics and the leading edge of leadership development. The Leadership Network 2019 Leadership Professionals Symposium, Melbourne​

2019      The use of an art-based method to explore countertransference, NIODA, Melbourne​

2018      Leading growth in the face of turbulence, keynote address and workshop, Taking action in turbulent times, masterclass. Leadership+Grit+Growth Symposium. Tasmanian Leaders, Hobart​

2017      Working across time and space: a fractured landscape, ISPSO Annual Meeting, Copenhagen​

2017      Working across time and space, Doing Business with the Unconscious, Massey University, New Zealand​

2013      Tending to disengagement, OPUS International Conference, London​

2012      Social Dreaming online and in the room, ISPSO Regional Meeting, Melbourne​

2012      Designing jobs that respond to people’s preferences, NDS Conference, Adelaide​

2012      Collusion to Connive, ISPSO Annual Meeting, San Diego​

2011      Fragmented and Connected: close encounters of a virtual kind, with Tim Roberts-Ferguson, ISPSO Annual Meeting, Melbourne

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